Tuesday, 8 September 2015

WOYWW - Christmas Stampathon!

Hi Everyone,

Well, my desk this week reflects a very busy evening at Craft Club on Wednesday when all the girls bought along their various Christmas stamps, embossing folders etc.. to share! Great idea huh!

I erhhh seem to have wandered around from my desk on to the floor too! 

I was on a role so didn't want to interrupt this unusual event so I didn't stop to tidy up! 

So I have been busy making some Christmas cards….

I am happy with the way these have turned out and I have more stamped images to keep me busy. 

Last week we spent a very happy few days with family.  We don't get together often so it was such a joy to have them to stay.

We went to beautiful Rhossili  Bay of course,

Had a film night in PJ's complete with stacks of snacks! (Can you see Maddie, who stayed very close to the food all night and stomped all over the children, trying to get her nose in the popcorn causing great hilarity!) 

We also went to Llansteffan Castle. 

We so love these guys! We didn't stop laughing the whole time! 

Well…. I'm off to work now and will enjoy looking around your blogs when I get home! 

Have a happy week…….

Lynda X


  1. On the floor design- I can get down ok, it's the getting up that is getting harder! I refuse to think about christmas, till, well, till I'm ready!
    robyn 1

  2. I'm thinking of making Christmas cards in a few weeks Lynda. You've made some nice ones. It's great getting together with family . Happy woyww jill #8

  3. your floor work is so much tidier than mine.. the cards you made are great, makes me think I should get started soon. The pj film night looks heaps of fun; and how lovely you had some quality time with the family out and about. xx Helen 4

  4. Looks like you really had a fun time with family. And the Christmas cards are beautiful, thanks for sharing :)
    Happy WOYWW,
    Evelyn # 16

  5. Maddie couldn't get any closer to the snacks if she tried!! Lol. I can just imagine her sticking her tongue out to just get a surreptitious lick in :-)
    Love your green swirly Christmas tree!
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  6. It's great when you get together with friends and exchange some stamps and dies. Your cards are beautiful!
    Love looking at the photos of your holiday! And what a good idea to have a PJ film night in. I can see Maddie eyeing the food....
    Have a good week,

  7. LOL! I believe all serious artists and crafters have ended up working on the floor at one point in their creative journey. Your Christmas cards are lovely. It looks like you had a marvelous time with your family too. Happy WOYWW and Blessings! #26

  8. Great idea to share your supplies with your club members. I often think that stamps and dies are way too expensive to buy only to use them in a handful of projects. There should be a lending library for them! Be careful using the heatgun on the carpet! I've managed to melt ours - eeks! Luckily, it needs to be replaced anyway, but I did get chastised by hubby. Lovely photos of your family - these are the memories to treasure forever. Happy WOYWW. zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #28

  9. Your craft club sounds great. Nice idea to bring and share equipment. It looks like you had a wonderful time with the family. Happy crafting :-) Max #24

  10. Lovely cards. Looks like a great time spent with the family. Peg R 36

  11. Every once and a while the floor is the. Perfect place to be sit down and just create. Sounds like a lot of fun swapping stamps so you can create different cards happy woyww hugs Nikki 5


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