Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Finished Rudolph and a stressful weekend!

Hello fellow deskers and welcome.

I am writing this blog on Monday night this week because tomorrow is my first night at college where I shall be starting my Counselling course! I have a new file, pens and a journal. I'm excited, like a child on their first day at school! My course book has not yet arrived so I hope don't get a black mark on my first night!!!  
Well, no pictures of my desk this week (I can't find the camera) and actually it looks much the same as last week but with different colour fabric on it. If you remember I was making a Rudolph… well… I actually finished him! 

Isn't he gorgeous! He was a bit fiddly, especially all the stuffing but I got there in the end! 

I enjoyed making him so much that I now have a blue one on the go, and I must say he is coming along a lot faster than the first one! 

Sometimes I know we are all very grateful for the pleasure, peace and diversions that our crafting gives us, a welcome break from the pressures of our busy/stressful lives. 
No more for me than this weekend. My lovely Hubby who is a Type 1 Diabetic (insulin dependent) had the most hideous weekend with low blood sugars nearly all the time, no matter what he did. At about 10pm on Friday evening I had to call an ambulance and enlist the help of my neighbours as he was so ill.  By 11pm I had a house full of neighbours, paramedics and police (suffice to say he left the house in the dark during a hypo totally unaware of what he was doing or where he was) ). Once we got him back to the house, we waited 40 minutes for an ambulance which came all the way from Llandovery whilst we have depot and major hospital 8 minutes away! He didn't go into hospital thank goodness as his sugar levels did stabilze. So all day Saturday he slept and myself feeling totally wrung out, had a quiet day in my craft room.  We did manage a gentle stroll in the sunshine on Sunday for an hour along the coastal path. More tests and doctor's visit on Thursday.  My neighbours were great, other neighbours swapping houses to look after sleeping children while their parents were helping me. I am overflowing with gratitude at their kindness and love. 
Thank you to you fellow deskers to for taking the time to read this, I needed to share it with someone. I know you'll care.  Hubby doesn't remember a thing. 

Have a happy week and if you need a little down time, I'm sure you'll find it at your desks!


Lynda X


  1. Rudolph looks great, and I am sure the blue one will too! Hope your first night at college went ok, and your book arrives soon! Glad to hear you have good neighbours and that your hubby is ok now, what a worry for you! Helen #2

  2. How exciting starting to learn again, is very good for our brains to keep them going to stave off alzheimers and dementia. Idont blame you for not doing any craft, you had a plateful and scare, I would have been a blubbering mess but I have never seen a diabetic incident although my MIL has been known to have them. Hope all goes smoothly from now on. So glad you were able to share with us, keeping prayers for you all.
    Bridget #1

  3. Sounds like you had a very stressful time.... good to hear your DH is now well. All the best with your counselling course it will be a wonderful experience learning all about counselling.
    sandra de @11

  4. Good grief, you poor thing.....you must have been terrified. Isn't that wonderful how your neighbours rallied around you so magnificently. There is such a community spirit in Wales. I'm glad that the story ended well, but bet you were shaken up. My hubby is Type 2 and has only had two hypos up to now but it's amazing how quick they come on. Sending massive hugs to you both. Xxx
    I love your reindeer, he's definitely less 'rampant' this week, lol!!! He looks really great, but you've got way more patience than me to do all that stuffing :-) having said that, I've found a knitted pattern for a Scandinavian gnome that looks fun. I may well attempt one of those!
    Hugs, LLJ 17 xxx

  5. Morning Lynda, my goodness you have had a stressful time. Isn't it good to have neighbours you can turn to. It means so much. I'm glad to hear that your hubby is now feeling better. Good luck with your counselling course. Your Rudolph is a beauty. Take Care. Hugs. Barb#24

  6. Oh Lynda, we do care. You must have been shaking and exhausted. Am so glad that hubby wasn't hospitalised and that something approaching normal was achieved. Gah just when you think you know how to handle something....I'm perfectly sure that your neighbours were delighted to be of any help - just as you would help them in a heartbeat too.
    You're perfect for a counsellor - enjoy the course. Specially if it means new stationery!

  7. Most of my neighbors are retired and we all try to be there for each other. It sounds like you have a great bunch of neighbors and I'm so happy your husband is better now.
    Glenda #29

  8. Hi Lynda, hope the first day of your course went well. Love Rudolph, he's very sweet. It's so nice to have friends like yours, pleased everything worked out. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 27

  9. Rudolph is too cute. Good luck with your class. #35

  10. What a weekend you have had! So pleased to hear that your neighbours and families where there for you both and, more so, that DH is on the road to recovery.
    Take care
    Bishopsmate #48

  11. So glad you've husband is okay! Your Rudolph is really cute. #52

  12. So glad you've husband is okay! Your Rudolph is really cute. #52

  13. Oh dear what a stressful time you have had, hypo's can be quite frightening for the carer, particularly if the patient becomes confused and violent. Glad you had lots of support from caring neighbours.
    I do like your Rudolph, he looks very professionally made and do enjoy your studying.
    Chris #19


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