Tuesday, 21 July 2015

WOYWW-Just for fun!

Hello Everyone…

AArrgg! Wednesday already and I forgot to write this blog last night. luckily I have finished school for the summer so I have the luxury of typing away in bed this morning with a cup of tea!
My desk this week…

Finishing off our July tag challenge which was Chalkboard and Die Cuts which proved to be quite hard. Inspiration has eluded me on this one but at last I'm nearly there. I need to finish it for our last Craft Club tonight before a short summer break. I won't elaborate on them as Alison hasn't seen hers yet!

Just one more thing to share with you this week. Every week at work on a Friday morning we have a 'weigh in' where various members of staff keep a record of their weight, pay a £1 a week and at the end of term whovever has lost the most amount of weight wins the little pot of money that has accumulated. It's usually a time of great hilarity or equally disbelief but its all done in good humour so when I saw a set of stamps that Gill had at Club I knew I had to borrow one to make something for the girls.!  Just for fun...

So I came up with this little plaque! I afraid I don't know the company they come from but I can find out if anyone wants to know. There are several different stamps all showing the ladies doing various things like sunbathing, celebrating a birthday and having a cheeky cocktail and they are very funny! 

Well… I will have time today to visit many of your lovely desks… so looking forward to seeing you later..

Have a happy week

Lynda B X


  1. OMG, that could be me (and another mutual friend of ours!) at Chubb Club on a Monday evening, lol!! Great idea doing it in work, it's motivation, isn't it? But you don't need to lose weight, you're like a whippet!
    Enjoy the summer holidays...I know how fab it is to have the luxury of time to get stuff done and stay in your PJs until noon!!
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xx

  2. Hi Lynda happy Wednesday and thanks for you early visit. I do so love your plaque and has seen those stamps - they're just a real hoot. Great idea for a weigh in and encouragement is always a help. Enjoy your school break and hope you find some crafting time, Cheers RobynO#9

  3. I love the plaque, this is a Monday thing for me, otherwise the detail is correct!! The stamp is by Art Impressions, they have a really diverse range of subjects and styles, I've always loved the groups of ladies!
    Am a bit jealous that you were still in bed this morning, sowhat tablet do you blog on? And do you use an app? Enjoy the holidays!

  4. Hi Lynda, the plaque did make me smile. I love those 'ladies' stamps, they are so funny. Yes, the Brusho sheets will be mainly backgrounds, I think. Might punch out a few butterflies too. And you are totally forgiven, lol. The dies are amazingly detailed aren't they? Loved what I saw last week.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #11 xxx

  5. I had to smile at that as well. And that desk looks pretty tidy. Happy WOYWW! Susanne #45

  6. it's all right for some, blogging away in bed whilst the rest of us are working hard!! love the plaque with those fun ladies. Glad Julia knew who they were by, I couldn't remember the name! Have a great break from school! Helen 2

  7. Love the plaque! Thanks for the tag. I'll pull out August's challenge tomorrow! Ali xx

  8. The plaque made me smile. I've not seen those stamps before. The chalkboard plaques look interesting. Hope you enjoyed your lie in.Barb#29 x

  9. They are great stamps, really fun. Hope you enjoy your summer break. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 28

  10. Hello Lynda,
    Thought my comment had posted yesterday, thanks for dropping by my blog and saying hello.
    As for your questions always interested in doing a pocket letter swap, just did a Xmas in July pocket letter swap in WOYWW 219, so much fun to do and Christmas is always easy to make things for...
    To get all the information like templates sizes, page protectors and all stuff you need to know head on over to the creator of pocket letters her name is Janette Lane. This is how I started http://janettelane.blogspot.com.au/
    She also has video's and tutorials and lots of hints to help you get started.
    Had to laugh when I saw your card you had made, so damn funny, scales are never a girls best friend, think I'm like the chick in the green lol...
    Have a great week crafting and if you would like to do a pocket letter swap let me know and we can go from there...

  11. Love the plaques, they are such a fun and unique gift and the stamps are a great find.


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