Tuesday, 28 July 2015

WOYWW- Cards and scenic beauty

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Well, my desk this week has been quite busy. 

I have been playing with my Sue Wilson snowflake dies again and made another card.

I'm not sure whether to stamp 'Let it' at the top as the word SNOW looks a bit lost. I have also made 3 cards all the same but in different colours. This stamp is by Lili of the Valley. The Happy Birthday is by JOFY.

We have my Mum- in- law staying with us at the moment and apart from the disappointing weather we have managed to have a few trips out. On Saturday we went to Rhossilli Bay. Possibly the most beautiful place around here.

Maddie certainley enjoyed the view! I'll leave you to enjoy the view too. Can you spot the pink sheep pearched precariously on the cliff? Weird!!!

Have a happy week!

Lynda B


  1. Hi we have been saying all week what awful weather for your MiL's visit - so disappointing! Glad you had a good day on Saturday though. Love your cards ! Ali xx

  2. Rhossili is just gorgeous, isn't it?! I once walked all the way along the ridge on the right to Burry Holm at the far end and back along the beach....it's a blooming long way and we were nadged at the end, lol!!
    I love your snow card..that's the one I'd buy in the shops :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xxx

  3. Love your cards, though I really can't think of snow just yet. We're having the coldest summer in 50 years here in Finland, it just means to make the best of the "ok" days that come by :) thanks for stopping by my desk already, the easel holds my latest card, I like to take the photo in front of the white drawer, and just left it there. Happy woyww!
    Kristiina #17

  4. Love the snowflakes on the first cards....it's almost felt cold enough for a few here the last couple of days :-) What fab photos of the scenery too.
    Annie x # 22

  5. Your snowflake card is gorgeous! Well done. I agree that the words 'let it' would fit well rather than just have 'snow' on its own.
    I also wholeheartedly agree that Rhossilli is beautiful! I have had the pleasure of going there some years ago. Stunning!! Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Your cards are lovely. Simple design, one stamp but each looks different.
    Thanks for visiting already,
    have a good week,

  6. Stunning pics of your local sight and the pink sheep are quite impressive. Love the card and those snowflake dies keep popping up on other woyww desks. Must be all the craze.
    sandra de @37

  7. What lovely photos of your local area. Maddie looks a lovely girl. The snowflake dies are very pretty. Your three cards are lovely and isn't it interesting how different they look in different colours. Barb#33 x

  8. The dies are lovely . What a beautiful place to have near by . Happy woyww Jill #11

  9. Hi Lynda, lovely scenic views It's nice to see where people live! Not used my snowflake die yet, but I do love the card you've done. Gorgeous. The birthday cards are ace too, its great fun to do the same thing in a variety of colourways, isn't it?Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xx

  10. Very pretty cards and a gorgeous view very nice of you to share these with us. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 29

  11. Lovely landscape. Hard to imagine snow during the hottest summer ever. Thanks for visiting.
    Robyn 3

  12. Love the snowflake cards. Very effective, especially the use of just white on white. Thanks for your lovely comments on my cards and busy book. Happy crafting :-)

  13. Hi Lynda, fabulous snow flake dies and your card is lovely - you could add 'Let it ...' but then again...I muffed a whole card when I 'added' the sentiment. Wonderful scenic photos.. sure does look like a nice place to visit. Enjoy your week Cheers RobynO#15

  14. lovely cards, the snowflake dies are so pretty
    happy woyww
    charlie :) #20

  15. Rhossilli really is beautiful huh, not necessarily enhanced by the pink sheep but certainly more entertaining!
    I don't thin the Snow card needs big letters...you could add em in small case size at the end in line with and just above the W...still included by the size of the S then. But really..its a stunner!

  16. That snowflake die is just wonderful such pretty cards you've made hugs Nikki 8


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