Tuesday, 30 June 2015

WOYWW- New Chloe Dies, Successes and Decisions!

Hello and welcome to a very HOT and SUNNY Wales! We don't often get to say that, I hope you are enjoying the sun wherever you are! Well… I have been very busy the last few weeks mostly with work but have managed to fit in a little crafting too.
My desk this week shows this as it's a happy MESS!

Lots going on mainly I am making a box card for a colleague at work who is celebrating her 50th soon!  It's not quite finished but here it is so far…

View of underneath the front flap…..

The greatest challenge will be putting a greeting on in Welsh! (Which is her first language outside of work!) 
At the back of my desk you can see 2 cards made from my new Chloe heart and flower dies…

The eagle eyed amongst you will also see that I have used the small flower die on the box too. 

Well that's all the crafty bits shared.. I have also passed my Ski instructor's course Level 1!

I was so proud of myself as the other 3 colleagues from school are half my age (I am old enough to be their MOTHER for goodness sake!) and I kept up all weekend, didn't fall over once and had no aching muscles after the marathon 14 hour/2 days of skiing! (THANK YOU exercise bike!) Whoo Hoo…..
I have also made another big decision (I think.)  I am going back to college next year  part time to train to become a bereavement counsellor. It's something that's been running around in my head for a while now and I feel it's now or never. It will be something positive to come from the death of my daughter 9 years ago and while I realise it takes years to become an effective counsellor, this will be a start for me. 

So, if you have any big decisions to make.. go sit in the sunshine and make time for yourself to mull over the big decisions…. Maybe take a hat and a cool drink, sit, sip, relax and think…

Enjoy the sun and have a happy week

Lynda X

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