Tuesday, 18 November 2014

WOYWW- A new craft room!

Hi everyone and thank you for stopping by.

Well this week we have been busy painting, decorating, moving out, sorting out, throwing away and moving back in! Phew. My lovely Hubby painted the larger bedroom for me to make into my craft room, its lighter, brighter and bigger and I'm one happy bunny!
Mess first……

 Old craft room…… nearly empty and looking a bit forlorn….

Moving into the new room….

Now after about 4 hours, some order appears….

Ohhh just look at the SPACE! How I'm going to enjoy messing that up! 

Well… now I have a wonderful space waiting to be used… then the weekend ran out and I had to go back to work!
I did manage to get out in the garden for an hour and rake up all the leaves…(again)
 After a while I had a little visitor who hopped around hoping for a tasty worm or two, sang his heart out and kept me company …

Life is good and I bought my first Christmas present today  Yay!!!

Have a happy week

Lynda B X


  1. Ooh, look at that - how lovely to have light and space to spread out into! And how lovely to have Robin to keep you company while you work...
    Alison x

  2. Phew I am worn out just reading about all your moving rooms ! Well done on getting settled in & wishing you many happy hours playing in your new den ! Love Ali x

  3. I love that new space - and so organised... hope you enjoy creating in your new surroundings!

  4. Four hours is quite good to get all of that organised, plus you still had energy to rake leaves! Impressive. Love that little robin. #7

  5. Congratulations lynda on your new workspace. It looks so neat and tidy…mine never does even after hours and days of cleaning it up. Hope you get some free time to play in it this week. Have a great week. Vickie #17

  6. It looks fantastic - what a lovely hubby! Enjoy playing in there, and have a fab week. Chris # 8

  7. What a wonderful space you have to craft and a wonderful hubby.
    sandra de @21

  8. Haha when I first saw your top photo I thought you'd run out of space and was creating on the bed lol. What a lovely new craft space!! After our kitchen extension is done, I'm hoping to claim a room in the house for creativity :0)
    Georgie (36)

  9. Happy WOYWW. I am doing a similar process, as my craft room had to be vacated for the builders to redo a wall. I am too ashamed to show how much stuff is piled up in our spare room next door. It is going to be a hard job later to carry it all back over the hallway. We have got family coming to stay tomorrow, so I have a deadline! It is great having a good sort out though. When I have finished spoiling myself with a morning in front of This Morning and my laptop, commenting on all of these wonderful blogs, I will be upstairs later trying to bring order to chaos. Ali x #42

  10. how wonderful! A bigger craftroom! Lovely space and that sweet Robin is singing a song for you!
    Gabriele 26

  11. Wow, lucky you! You've got a great new set-up. I'm waiting for my son to move out so I can take over his room and turn it into a craft haven He's only ten though, LOL! Hopefully we'll move to a bigger house before that! Have a lovely week! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #39

  12. Ooh, how lovely, a brand new craft space! And it's tidy!! Lol. You're going to have fun messing it all up over the next few weeks :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xx

  13. New craft room looks good, I agree with Jan, bet it doesn't stay so tidy for long.
    Have a great crafty week, Angela x 28

  14. Your new space looks great - have lots of fun playing in it. Sweet robin - I was watching one that was in garden this morning. Happy WOYWW Anne x #34

  15. Hi Lynda, it's nice to meet you! I love your new craft room! I am particularly attracted to both your lamp and that cute little owl keeping you company on your desk! :D I certainly know how it feels to pull everything out of my craft room and put it all back... several times over! LOL! Can't wait to see your upcoming projects from your new space! I had to giggle when you said you are going to enjoy messing that new space up! :D
    Look forward to more visits...
    Beth P
    #73 (yes, yes, I was rather late in getting my post up :D!)

  16. Lovely to have a fresh start in a bigger space. Kudo's to your DH. Keep smiling and creating. PS I have zero Christmas ....I am thinking Gift cards and a little something for all on my list. LOL. Keep smiling and creating

  17. Wow! A 'new' empty desk! It looks very inviting. I bet you are a happy bunny!
    That robin is so cute. I'm glad you managed to photograph it.
    Sorry I'm late, but I like to take my time and look at everybody's blog. I read it all and look at the links etc.
    Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder.
    Have a good week,


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