Wednesday, 27 August 2014

WOYWW- I forgot it was Wednesday!

I'd be unstoppable if only I could get myself started!

Hi everyone,
A late entry from me this week as I completely forgot what day it was! Some might say…ok enough time off,  time to go back to work! Not me.. I have loved these holidays!

My desk this week shows some preparations for my Christmas crafting. I could only get to this stage after a mass clear out and tidy up on Bank Holiday Monday (let's face it what else was there to do in the rain!) What a mess I made but I forgot to take some photos.

I have started to make some small Xmas canvases again for the school fayre in December and during the clear up I found a lot of odd chipboard letters that I could definitely do something with. (I found a lot of other things too which I had completely forgotton about but we'll keep that to ourselves shall we!)
The large M is part of a gift for a colleague who has just had her 2nd daughter. Just gessoed at the mo. 

This is my Christmas 'Shelf' where I can keep all my Chrismas stuff separate and have put some possible projects ready. Why did my Hubby find that so funny? I think it's perfectly reasonable to have a Christmas shelf don't you? I think he will have to fix it a bit tho' as it looks like everythings about to slide off the front!

I have made two cards..

This one for my brother and sister-in-law who will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary next week. I have used the Chloe heart stamp again, using WOW embossing powder in silver.

This one for another sister-in-law (I have several!) for her birthday. The daisy stamp came from a set of Indigo Blu stamps that were free on a stamp magazine.

I also completed another ATC in our A-Z challenge. See if you can guess the letter LOL

I am still one behind (Q) but hope to make it for Ali by Saturday as we have a play date while the men go to football. 

Hubby and I did some walking over the Holiday weekend before the rain set in. We went to Carreg Cennan Castle, not far from Ammanford near where we live. The weather was a bit unpredictable but we still enjoyed the stunning scenery and views of the castle. About 5 miles plus a stop for a picnic!

When I stopped to really look at the photographs we took, I was amazed by the different weather conditions and how it changed the atmosphere of each photo. They were taken within about 3 hours of each other. 

Well…. I am off now to take a look around as many desks as I can and hopefully remember what day it is in future. I went shopping yesterday with a young friend and saw the quote at the top of the page on a wooden block. I am going back to buy it cos at the moment after 6 weeks holiday, it describes me exactly! I've got to get my brain in gear…. now what was I doing?

Have a happy week

Lynda X


  1. It was miserable here for bank holiday too - yukky all day! Great use of your time. I too 'find' lots of thing when I have a clear up session! I think you may be working on the letter O! Happy WOYWW from Helen 52

  2. I love Carreg Cennen so much - it is so atmospheric there. The boys used to love going down to the water pool in the 'cave'....spoooooky!
    And I personally don't see anything amiss with having a Christmas shelf, lol - I think it's a great idea though it does look slightly precarious at the moment. I wanted to push everything to the back!! And that heart 25th card is gorgeous...that's the one I'd buy in the shops :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  3. I think it was the bank holiday, it nearly threw me too! Love the photos of your walk, lovely scenery. I think a Christmas shelf is a great idea, I have lots of Christmas boxes for my stamps... 'nuff said about that! Have a good week; Helen 4

  4. It's so easy to forget what day it is when you are busy and yes I think the bank holiday confuses things a bit. Loving your cards but dare not look at the christmas stuff as it scares me and I start to get worried LOL!
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 34

  5. That's what happens when we live in Wales isn't it? We get all four seasons in a day! Great photos - all those weather patterns - fantastic and really atmospheric.
    But of course we need a separate shelf for Christmas things! How else would we get it all done in time?!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #17


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