Tuesday, 8 July 2014

WOYWW - Music and memories

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

Well I've actually got a photo of my desk this week for you…. and my craft box ready for scrap club tonight.

To the right are my efforts for our A-Z ATC challenge… M. Gosh it's taken me along time to get this one finished. My printer ran out of coloured ink and so I had to be satisfied with black and white. 

Also a card I made for a friend's birthday using my Lavinia stamps, stamped in fired brick DI.  I do like using the panel effect.

Also on the right you will see a small canvas that I did a few years ago. It has one of my favourite photos on it of my daughter Katy when she was little. We were at the beach and she just loved sitting in the sea and laughing as the waves lapped over her. I had put a lot of things away when she died but now I am getting them out again and enjoying all the lovely memories. 

I adhered acetate over the top of the photo and stuck all the shells to that. This was back in the days when I could just sit and create and be true to my own style. Now I see so many lovely styles I don't really know what my style is anymore! And it takes me ages to get stuff finished! 

Lastly at club tonight Ali is showing us how to make a pop up box card (see centre of desk photo) and I thought I would try a Christmas one. (Sorry,  I said the C word!) So my box is full of lovely festive papers and goodies ready to go.

I promise to share the finished card next week if it's ok!

Well…. that's all from me this week. I am now going to click around the world at your lovely desks. If you would like to join in, click on the blue WOYWW button bottom right. 

Have a happy week

Lynda  X

PS  I am trying to add a photography page to the blog but it won't go 'live'. Its telling me its published but I can't see it when I click on the tab. If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful. ICT is not my forte!


  1. What a lovely photo of your daughter - and nice that you can get them out now. Your box for scrap club looks full of fun - can't wait to see the results! Helen 4 (I started a separate blog for my photos cos I couldn't fathom a page, lol!)

  2. Gosh all ready for Christmas and well organised box for club too. Love the owl. The computer take over wasn't as spooky as you describe as he only threw me off my user and logged on to his user. But it was quite a shock to be doing something one moment and then be logged off all of a sudden. We have done the actual remote access thing too but not in this case. BJ#9

  3. Hi Lynda happy WOYWW. I love your panel card too and I agree it's hard to find ones style when there's always new stuff to influence you. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#28

  4. Hello Lynda. What a lovely set of photos this morning. Great desk shot - all those goodies in the box. Enjoy this evening!! Great card - yes, the panels are really effective. A beautiful page and a wonderful reminder of your gorgeous little girl there. How lovely of you to share that with us all.
    Your style? It seems, as you say, that there are so many things "out there" to try - whatever you may call your style - the end results are lovely. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #15

  5. What a lovely card with the panels you have made !
    The ATCs with the music are great
    Jackie 10

  6. Ah, Lynda, what a beautiful photo of Katy...I'm so glad that you can get the pics out. That must be hard but also wonderful as well. That LO is fab and made me smile :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 21 xx

  7. Love your canvas of your daughter. I have one similar to that of my GD dancing along the edge of the waves.

    What a stunning card with the panels, I really like the panel effect too.
    Have a great week
    Krisha #64

  8. Thanks for the visit. Yip, scary stuff to see my desk so clear...I am in the middle of too many things so cleared up and have not re-started any of the projects on the go! No idea why your photo page won't go live. I clicked on it, but it did not take me anywhere. #70

  9. Hello Lynda, You have had a busy week. Your card is lovely. The different shades of orange really work well. It is great that you are starting on Christmas. I am a last minute type of person so you are a good influence. Have a lovely week.

  10. Don't even say the C word to me! Love your card and the colors are so pretty!
    Glenda #50

  11. Love your art work, the cards are great, love them all.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #41

  12. Loving the panel card!!

    Have a great week.

    Ailsa #84

  13. I click on the photography link and it reloads this page...I don't know why, but when I'm at the PC I'll go through my 'make a new page' routine and see if I can tell.
    Gosh, aren't you well prepared for craft club...I'm meant to be going out this afternoon and haven't given it a second thought yet! So glad to see the beautiful photo of Katy...time doesn't heal particularly, but it does allow us the feeling that actually, those memories are too happy to keep shut away. I've had two fantastic box cards for my birthday, they are fab, so I'm wishing you luck and erm, fiddle power!!

  14. Howdy,

    Looks very tidy to me!

    Would love for you to stop by mine when you have a moment or 2.

    WOYWW #87

  15. I like the music ATC in black and white : ) it really pops that way and your pretty panel card is outstanding!!

    I am sorry to read that loss has been a part of your journey : ( I have known great loss in my life too. I love the picture of your daughter she looked very very happy : )


  16. You've been very busy! Love your preparations for Scrap club... I should just pretend I've got one to go to and see what happens lol. Happy Belated WOYWW! #63

  17. Great card thrre Lynda love the red and white. . Lots of crafty stash to share too. Well done on making some Christmas cards too. Shaz in Oz x

  18. Oh and meant to say there is no way would throw out my monkeys.. they join WOYWW every week we show my desk of craft variety. Shaz.x


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