Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Hi Everyone

I am late posting this week on account of twisting my knee yesterday in PE (running energetically about in a cricket lesson!) and ending up in A&E! Gladly not to serious and I am to hobble about on crutches for a few days to keep the weight off the knee. So I have have hobbled upstairs (with my good leg- don't tell hubby) ) to take the necessary photos as is our duty on a Wednesday!

Quite tidy this week and the eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted some new stuff  this week. Namely my new shiny desk lamp which Hubby bought me as part of my birthday present. In the evening I am working in my own shadow as the main light is behind me so this will be ideal. Also the little blue owl sitting there was a present from Ali H. I love owls… she knows me so well. Hobbycraft vouchers from the girls at work… they know me so well too, new fresco paints, 2 unfinished ATCs , my art journal and a very impressive tower of DIs which I have now labeled! (At last) 

I have been playing in my Art journal, inspired by something my colleagues said to me …when I was struggling with yet another new IT innovation…. "Lynda, you're just a cup of tea girl in a Latte world!" Ha! how right he is!

The tea pot, cup and milk jug were on a birthday card I received so I've used them here. 

This other page was left unfinished for a while but I had some new Lavinia stamps free with a magazine and I thought they fitted the theme perfectly. 

Well, me and my trusty crutches are off to make a cup of tea. A big thank you to my lovely Hubby who proved an excellent porter yesterday pushing me around in a wheelchair at the hospital. I didn't much like being left facing a broom cupboard for 20 minutes but hey ho! 

I am going to look at some of your desks now..
Have a happy week

Lynda B X


  1. Gorgeous journal pages esp the tea page! Sorry about your knee hun but good to know it's not too serious. Have a fab day! (#62 WOYWW)

  2. Oh my! Sorry to hear about your accident! Wishing a quick recovery for you! Your desk looks so bright and pretty! Love that owl! Gorgeous journal pages! Love your saying you were tagged with. Brilliant idea putting in a journal and using cup and tea pot images from a card! Love your brightly colored next page as well! Fun and whimsical! #63

    1. Hi Lynda! I don't see an email link to answer your question you left on my blog about the paint I used so I am just going to answer here. :) I used distress inks and an embossing folder. I have a tutorial on my blog today showing how I created the backrgrounds if you would like to see. :) Have a great day!

    2. Thank you Angie. I will pop over for a peek. X

  3. Adorable journal pages, I must get around to using my stamp of that girl with the flowing hair soon. I have given up shoe hunting - no point and I get so depressed. Thanks for the visit BJ#39

  4. Oh blinking heck....what a thing to happen. Bet it hurt like crazy :-(. Hope you're well enough to still come to the crop!
    I laughed at the tea/latte sentiment......I'm just the same!!
    Love the owl btw!
    Hugs, LLJ 22xx

  5. Hi Lynda - glad you had such a lot of lovely goodies for your birthday, but sorry to hear about the knee. I hope it heals very quickly. The pages and atcs look great. Thanks for sharing, Chris # 23

  6. Shame about your knee may you be feeling better soon and such pretty journal pages they look lovely :) hugs Nikki 6 thanks for the visit


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