Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my desk this week. If you would like to visit other crafty desks around the world, click on the WOYWW button on the right.
My desk this week is much the same as last week a I am still working on the same project!!! I am making slow progress on the wedding book as I haven't been in the mood to work on it as much as  should have!. Just the worst thing to loose your mojo half way thro' a big project!!
However, I have some completed pages to share.......
I am enjoying doing this but I WILL NOT be doing another one in a hurry so don't ask me OK!
Trouble is I have other projects floating around in my head that need attention...namely Christmas cards and presents and I am getting on my own nerves!!! Procrastinating I think they call it!
One  person who never procrastinates is my lovely Mum, Anne. I phoned her the other day (sadly she lives too far away from me) and happened to mention that we are going to have a new baby on the other side of the family very soon.  Bless her heart, a week or so later these wonderful baby cardigans and bootees appeared in the post!
(OK.... it's going to be a boy!) They are just so sweet and  so small. There really is nothing more endearing and heartfelt than handmade baby clothes is there?
Thank you Mum!
Well... that's all from me this week. I am off to do another wedding page and to think of the nearly new little baby Beazley, all warm and soft and smelling of Johnsons baby powder...Aaaww!
Have a very happy week
Lynda xx


  1. Yipppee! I can comment! I tried before and couldn't. My mum's just knitted a little jumper for her great grand daughter, first knit in many years, your mum has done a fabulo-dozy job! I just know they will be loved!

    The wedding book is looking great too, and will be treasured! But I know what you mean by things floating about in your head! (me too!)Thanks for my snoop!
    hApPy WoYwW?! Have a great week!
    #54 at the moment...

  2. Hi there! Love your wedding LOs, they're beautiful....hope your mojo returns soon though as its hard work otherwise... And how wonderful to hear of a new baby on the way! The little knits are lovely, your mum did a fab job!
    Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

  3. i love you SISTERS page. and congratulations for your little baby. alpha shanahan 37

  4. Your pages look fantastic. Your mum's knitting is wonderful. happy crafting #1

  5. Nice.. I like. Thanks for the peak and have a great day . Roberta 7

  6. Gosh yes, I know what you mean about Mojo deficiency half way through !!! Nightmare !! It's looking beautiful though :-)
    Thank you for the visit :-)


    IKE in Greece #49 xx

  7. Oh dear re mojo the ones you have finished are ace though hope you find it again soon . enjoy your week Andrea #47

  8. Fingers crossed for the return of the mojo! Is there maybe some planet somewhere where lost mojos hang out until they decide to return to their owners? The wedding book looks great so far! I love the bunting and the lovely image of the bridesmaids. Those baby clothes are exquisite: what a clever mum! Happy WOYWW! Julie Ann xx #45

  9. Hi Lynda,

    What you've done on the wedding album looks great. I enlarged your photos so I can get a good look! I hope your mojo returns soon.

    What a wonderful mom you have! Those baby cardigans are so cute. And only a week? Your mom must be really fast with the needles/needle (are those crochet?).

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (34)

  10. Hi Lynda
    you are doing a great job with the card the pieces you have done are wonderful.
    How lovely was that of your mum to send those baby bits I love handmade baby items
    Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend
    Ria #61

  11. love the hand knitted little clothes, so cute, wish i could knit like that. the pages that you have completed are lovely, i would like to do something similar with our wedding pics. Lx

  12. How pretty! Lucky baby. :) A beautiful book you are making too! Thanks for the peek. Happy WOYWW!


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