Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Busy doing everything except crafting!

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by this week. Owing to the lovely weather and a mad hen weekend up in Cardiff, I haven't done much in my craft room! I did meet my lovely cousin Jane on Saturday and we went for a coffee and catch up in the Bay!
On my workdesk this week -

Photos of said catch up with my cousin which I am taking to scrapbook club on Wednesday to do a page. Also a selection of papers I might use. I haven't done a scrapbook page for a while and have lost my mojo!  Also my calendar I made a few years ago (yes I did say years) still awaiting a photo and embellishments for June. (September's not done either!) I really must get a grip and finish these.
I did finish a page in my AJ. I feel I kind of threw everything at this page but was quite pleased with the result even if it is a bit bright!
I used Dylusions inks for the background and then anything that came to hand! Stencils, stamps, freehand drawing, painting and an image from the internet. I didn't know when to stop!!!
We have had a big problem with vandals recently and what a mess they made! But we caught them in the act so they can't deny it.......
OMG! The mess all over the road. It took us and two other neighbours half an hour to pick it all up. Next week we are going to try and outwit the gulls by waiting until we hear the dustbin men and then rush out with our bags! If only they would tell us what time they are coming! LOL  (I might scrap these too!)
I will leave you with some pictures of my garden which I so enjoy pottering around in. All the flowers seem to have come out at once and the veg is going great too.
French beans, onions, carrots, lettuce, spring onions and potatoes with peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse!
 Well.... wishing you all a happy week and I can't wait to see what you have all been doing,
Lynda x




  1. Hi Lynda
    Love your journal page - much prettier than mine this week !
    Your garden is looking great ! Those gulls are total vandals aren't they !!
    I was just looking at my calendar too - the photos are looking so dated now ! It needs ripping up & starting again !!
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow ! Love Ali xx

  2. Love your art journal page, such fab, bright colours! Blooming gulls, eh? They're a pain. We have free wheelie bins here so don't have a problem with vandals like that!
    I was down in BP two weeks ago, had a lovely walk down to the harbour and the tide was right up. Also a fab walk along Cefn Sidan too, my fav beach in the world!
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  3. Gorgeous AJ pages! Yes, I do, btw!
    Those seagulls are real pests, aren't they?
    And you have a lovely garden :)
    Happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 32

  4. I love your journal pages and don't think they're too bright. We have a problem with the same vandals that you have (and foxes as well if they get the chance) I think we've all got projects that just need finishing!! Hugs. Pam#38

  5. Your journal pages are lovely! I love the bright happy colors and feel. (Love her sprays!). I am chuckling at the gull, as they are scavengers aren't they? But how adorable they are. Your garden is beautiful. My veggies aren't as far along as yours yet (tooooo much rain). But hopefully soon! Winnie#93

  6. Hi Lynda
    It sounds like you have been having some great times. I am loving your journal pages such great colours and images
    I hate the mess seagulls can make such a dreadful mess of things
    Have a wonderful WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #47

  7. Ooh lovely garden and super AJ page, too. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@111)

  8. Such a tidy desk and garden!!!! Love your Art Journal page...it's amazing! Simply gorgeous! What a delight! Your garden is very beautiful and neat too. I like your lupins, we have some lovely white ones which I grew from really old seed stock. I decided to just chuck them in and see rather than throw them in the bin and voila! I'll be posting garden piccys in a few days on my blog!

  9. Cor lovely shots of your garden,all those lovely veggies! Thing is, you only think you've lost the old mojo...as soon as you get to club tonight and start the scrapping process..you'll be off and one LO won't satisfy!

  10. Lovely tidy desk and I think you now have shown us the photos for your calendar... the seagulls for September and the veggies for this month!! Done and dusted! Do you still put sacks out? Why don't you have wheelie bins? Seagulls can make a heap of mess in no time flat, and would have thought cats and dogs would tear black sacks too. Hope you enjoy scrap club,I am sure the old Mojo will appear as soon as you stop looking for him. LOL Annette #9

  11. That's a lovely journal spread, but I got the most fun out of seeing those gulls. Our trash goes in containers, so we don't have that problem. But I can empathize.

    I;'m so envious of your lovely garden. And your veggies, too! Have a super WOYWW from #17.

  12. Your desk is so lovely and tidy...unlike mine this week!!
    Hope your mojo returns in time for your outing...
    Those gulls sure do make a mess!!! We have really heavy weight plastic wheelie bins here...one for garbage, one for recycle and one for all household compostables. The city provides them...No more cats and dogs, crows or racoons eating the garbage!

    Your garden and veg look great. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier...
    Scrappymo # 5

  13. I love your calendar, even without the photos! I hope you manage to scrap those photos. It's lovely to catch up now and then, isn't it??
    We have a major problem with the gulls too. I have a wheelie bin and most of my neighbours use them or blankets over the top of the bags but somehow they always seem to manage to find one to plunder :( Love your garden
    Happy WOYWW
    Karen #131 xx


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