Tuesday, 26 February 2013

WOYWW Not a lot done and lost stash :(

Hello everyone.
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Well, a quick post today and a week that has been VERY frustrating indeed.

It started off well with me managing to make 2 quite respectable Mother's day cards which you can see in the top left corner and which I will show you in more detail next week.
Then I finished a journal page that I had started ages ago. The saying was a challenge from my friend Alison over at http://craftcauldron.blogspot.co.uk/ when I was struggling to start my journal and she gave me lots of lovely ideas. What are friends for!
The saying is an old Indian Proverb  "All the flowers of all our tomorrows
                                                            Are in the seeds of all our todays"
I just love that... I also planted some tomato seeds last week and I have 4 healthy little seedlings that have come up. I'm thinking of all the yummy tomatoes to come!!!!
Now for the VERY FRUSTRATING part!!!  On my desk I also have a garden journal that I started last year and never finished...... Oh the SHAME cos this is just one of many projects I haven't finished. Oh come on ladies..... you know the ones I'm talking about... Oh you don't... Is it just me then?
I used pictures from each month of my calender  2012 for the left hand page of each month and I thought I would fill in the blank months this year... following so far? BUT I'VE LOST THE REST OF THE CALENDAR WHAAA!  I put them somewhere safe and spent 3 frustrating evenings looking for them. I'm cross, fed up and well....its just PANTS!
Sorry... had my rant now. Will think of an alternative I'm sure...
Hope you've all had a better week than me. Also been studying hard and producing miles of work for my level 4 assessment for work. Think I need a large glass of red or white pop!
Happy WOYWW! xx





  1. great looking desk! LOve the art journal pages and the layouts. Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing with us! Vickie #39

  2. half the fun of projects is leaving them half forgotten and abandoned.... love your journal, hope you do continue with that!! Helen, 8

  3. your desk is looking great lots of crafting just waiting for you. The cards are really lovely and your journal page is so pretty I love the colours and the pretty flowers
    Happy WOYWW hope you have a great day
    Ria #48

  4. The gardening journal really caught my eye, love this idea.
    I have never really journalled much, but your project got me thinking how much fun it can be x Happy WOYWW Heather # 85

  5. Lynda you must stop looking for the calendar parts...the safe place will reveal itself just as soon as you give up. Ask me how many times I've turned my room upside down only for something to jump out a week later when I don't need it. I totally feel your frustration! And yes, I have ahem, 1 or 2 unfinished works........

  6. Oh no....don't you hate that!!! I've done the same thing...searching, even cleaned off the entire desk looking for something. Than, when I wasn't looking, found it. In a most bizarre spot too (it was a wee sentiment acrylic stamp, found it stuck to the bottom of my stamp cleaner, lol). So, hope you find it before you figure something else out. :-)
    Brigita #136

  7. You will just have to say a prayer to St Anthony! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol.x #59

  8. LOVE your desk Lynda! Don't dispare over not getting the garden journal finished, but I know easier said then done lol. I would change your journal and just mix it up, I keep telling myself that there are no mistakes, only masterpieces in the making! I also love the cards that you have done that are on your desk, my Mum would love the fairy coloured in purple, her favourite colour! Hope your week is less frustrating and happy WOYWW. Thanks for popping over to my blog :-)
    Janene #25

  9. ooh I know that feeling of knowing I have something if I can just remember where I out it for safety! loving the look of the journal already, can you not use some net pictures as a replacement?
    Thanks for sharing Tracy #72


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